Monday, June 23, 2008

Selenium Syringe For QA Engineers

Feeling depressed of not automating tests?
Did not find a tool to automate?
Found it, but again its not free?
Almost fainted running UI tests manually?

If Yes,
Its time to move now, Let me inject some Selenium in you :)

Selenium is one cool tool use to automate web testing and more!!!
Selenium comes in various forms.

1.Selenium IDE:
IDE is smart, it comes in as Firefox extension.
Using IDE You can quickly record you action and play them back.
A must if your a beginner, You can export captured actions in various languages.
Download and try it yourself from

2.Selenium RC:
It really lives its name remote control.
It allows you to write UI test in any programming language( Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript etc)
It comes with a server which is interpreter between you script and browser.

RC consists of two parts
1.Selenium Server.
2.Client library.

For more info and for download check

3.Selenium Grid:
Tired of waiting for those long lasting tests to end !!
Now you can fast forward them using Selenium grid.

For more info and for download check

Tushar Murudkar